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The scenery of Good old Tokyo to where!(Old Tokyo city Street train)
東京都北区浮間公園 広島県尾道水道 銀座4丁目 王子ロールケーキ 江東区豊洲
北区王子親水公園 イラスト昭和 ラーメンいまや 横丁ねこ たい焼き わかば

たい焼きって!? What is "Taiyaki"
It is one of the Japanese sweet!!(Tokyo sweet)
It is the Japanese sweet of the fish called "Tai"shaped common people.

Bean jam enters inside, outside is high-strung!
It is like a Crepe.

▨Tokyo Yotsuya"Wakaba".........Recommended one!
▨Tokyo Azabu-juban"Naniwa-ya".........An ancestor shop!
▨Tokyo Edogawabashi"Naniwa-ya".........Recommended one!
▨Tokyo Ryogoku"Naniwa-ya".........An ancestor shop!

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 Sumida River
Just Tokyo famous River,just new Photo Plannning!
 Tokyo is Sumida River, Fire flower, Sightseeing boat, Downtown...And each Bridges.
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